Outsourced Call Centres – UK Based


At Blue Donkey, we don’t just handle outbound B2B telemarketing calls – we also provide unparalleled “live” inbound B2B call centre handling to link a human face to your company’s sales processes in real time. In contrast to many other call centre outsourcing companies, we are experts at building relationships and fostering the very best customer care practices, and integrate flawlessly with our clients’ internal processes.

Call Centres in UK

Blue Donkey’s teams are friendly, skilled, and graduate-calibre people who create excellent value for your organisation. We are dedicated to converting enquiries to business opportunities seamlessly and “effortlessly” from our UK offices. So if your business needs a call centre outsourcing company in the UK, we can certainly help you there.

Call Centre Outsourcing Services

We cover a number of areas of inbound calls, including:

  • Direct call response handling
  • Data processing
  • Internet enquiries.

We regularly provide customer care lines for leading international organisations with out call centre outsource services.

Are you considering outsourcing call centres?

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Client Quote:

I am absolutely delighted with the work you have done for us. One call this week really showed me what a great job you and your team are doing for me….. We called a customer following the lead, and the customer said “You really do have a great telesales team, I have never accepted an appointment from any other provider as I am extremely happy with the existing one. They were able to convince me that I needed to see you”. Just what I want you to do…Thanks so much!