Market Research

Blue Donkey’s approach to market research is radically outside the norm. We engage your marketplace in a unique way by gently probing and gathering information offered, much of which is communicated unconsciously in tone or manner. Intelligent open questions help us penetrate the top layers of response to sensitively tease out real attitude, opinion and thought.

Our highly-trained team can cover an entire spectrum of roles in your target organisations, from directors, to managers, to user groups or receptionists.

We use specialist methods to uncover and feedback robust quantitative and qualitative data, including industry insights and anecdotal extracts which we deliver in a highly effective package to help you enhance your business modelling. From big-picture to subtle, Blue Donkey use intelligent dialogue to capture the real essence of what your market thinks and wants.

At Blue Donkey, we translate complex data into unambiguous feedback. We can help you uncover new routes to market that you may never have considered. We’re experts at uncovering and interpolating the statistical “gold dust” lurking between the lines of research data, often by probing information that has been given unwittingly.

Blue Donkey won’t let you miss any result that can help transform your business. That’s why our market research product forms an integral part of our service package, and why we’re indispensable to leading organisations around the world.

Client Quote:

I just thought I would update you following the first couple of meetings we had this morning. Both were extremely positive. There is definite opportunity with both and they seem to be exactly the type of leads we are after.